Swimming pool


The swimming pool, with five 25m long paths and a depth from 1,2 – 1,6 m, will fit everyone. You can watch the pool right now via the online webcam.

  • Temperature of the pool:              27-28 °C
  • Temperature of the whirlpool:     31-32 °C
  • Temperature of the air:                 29-30 °C

Channel “The wild river”


If you like swimming against the current of the water, or you’d rather let it take you, then this channel with a waterspout is the right entertainment for you. And your age really doesn’t matter. You will definitely like it.




What swimming pool would be complete without a slide? It features an entrance right from the pool room, a 65m long ride from 6m above the pool and a landing run just next to the whirlpool and the wild river. Everybody loves the slide!


Swimming is not the only purpose of our pool. There are two relaxing zones prepared for you. The first zone is a whirlpool right next to the main pool. The second zone, on the first floor, has two steam rooms, one Finnish sauna, showers and a snack bar.

Whirlpool (big enough for 10 men)


Hot water bubbling from both sides and the middle of the pool will help your body to relax after a hard day. Enjoy the calming feeling, the temperature of the whirlpool is 31-32° C.

Steam rooms


Besides our classic steam room, you can enjoy our aroma steam room as well. The circulated air contains herbal essences. Because of the lower temperature, this room is desired by people who don’t feel comfortable in a Finnish sauna.

Finnish sauna


There is no better thing than to relax after a hard day. Staying in a sauna is not only a relaxation, it also strengthens your immunity and cardiovascular system. Your body can regenerate faster. Please read the ten rules of the sauna.

For the smallest ones

Wading pool


For the smallest visitors there is a wading pool between the main pool, whirlpool and the water channel. We believe that you will have lots of fun there together with your children.

Pool for mothers with children


The pool for swimming for mothers with little children is separated from the whole area. It has its own entrance, reception, bathrooms, showers, changing rooms and a room for children to play. This pool has its own water circulation. Depth of the pool is 110 cm and the temperature is 32°C.